Fashion Show Event Planners

If you're looking for fashion show event planners with a proven track record of successful, memorable occasions, you've come to the right place! B. Wright Event Space works on each detail of your event to ensure it's an experience that leaves a lasting impression.

Searching for fashion show event planners? We are proud to have participated in the recent NY Fashion Week and a bevy of other successful fashion events.

Fashion Show Event Planners: Our Process

1. Consultation

A Fashion event involves numerous moving pieces and third-parties, with careful attention to detail and coordination. During our consultation, our experts with 15+ years of event planning services will review all the necessary details and your wants/needs to make this an unforgettable experience.

2. Planning & Coordination

Our fashion event planners will triple check every aspect of the event and coordinate with suppliers, vendors and entertainment. We'll take the heavy lifting out of your hands, including marketing the event, decorating, scheduling entertainment, food and much more.

3. Host the Event

When your event begins and attendees arrive, our work is just beginning. We understand how stressful the day of the event can be for the one in charge, and we'll be your right-hand team to put out potential fires and ensure painless and straightforward operations.