How We Charge for our Event Planning Services

How We Charge for our Event Planning Services

There are various ways we charge for our services. 

Hourly-Depending on the top of event, an hourly rate can be set. 

Flat Fee-This is most common and preferred way of billing our clients, this way there are no surprises to our clients or to B. Wright Event Planner. Once discussed the fee with transparency and candidness, we can focus on making your event a great success. 

A percentage based on the vendor fees is separate from the flat fee (preferred way of billing). For example if a decor company charges $1000 for decor for the event then a small percentage would be taken for locating and coordination for that particular vendor. This is mainly for social and corporate events.

**In order to protect our business financially a 50% non-refundable deposit is due upfront (upon signing contract). Within two week of the event the remaining balance would be collected. 

The flat fee is calculated on the number of hours that is put towards the planning, gas, expenses, supplies, and equipment. A buffer of roughly 10% maybe added in case the event goes over the planned details. 

Percentage of the Event-Some events maybe charged as a whole percentage of the total budget.

Coordination Day- Some clients may hire their own vendors, suppliers that they choose. We can be there the day off to make sure the event runs smoothly. This is a charge either at a hourly rate or a daily rate. Typically at least a month should be given to familiarize ourselves fully with all aspects of the event for coordination. 

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