How To Use Your Event Planning Career as A Second Income

How To Use Your Event Planning Career as A Second Income

As an industry professional of over 15 years of event related experience. I started my business part time while working as a flight attendant. I continue to work as a flight attendant while striving to eventually transition to become a full time international event planner. 90% of my work is done digitally meanwhile the rest of the time is spent meeting clients, vendors, venue walk throughs , day of event tasks/initial set up, and making sure my clients are highly satisfied on the day of the event.

With time management and organization I make my passion as well as my career (flight attendant)work in my favour. Clients usually start seeking planners well in advance, well that’s the assumption. I usually like to plan ahead where i can make the proper plans and execute each and every event to top tier level. Most events take place on weekends with the odd weekdays. Mornings are best to work as the more you can fit in your day the better. Mornings are your best friend so take advantage. Don’t bite off what you can’t chew as taking on too many events will over exhaust yourself.

Event planning can be a very busy career on its own. Don’t be surprised if you can’t keep up with demand. Using event planning as a second career requires discipline. We know that every new event that comes your way will feel exciting, but seriously, pace yourself. You don’t want to burn out and let down your clients. Having two careers is a balancing act in any industry.


Events and Event Planning are fun, but being on the planning side can take a while to get to the end “fun” result, but with experience it can happen quickly. if you love the thrill, the energy when you execute from start to finish and all the ‘fun’ in between… then this is what you are meant to do! So just run wit it! 

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